City approves roofs for two buildings

Published 12:07am Saturday, May 24, 2014

Two buildings are scheduled to get new roofs under a plan by city officials to re-roof four city buildings in need of new covers.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen Monday authorized City Clerk Walter Osborne to advertise for bids for new roofs for the water treatment plant on Haining Road and Fire Station No. 6 on Cherry Street.

“Those two just happened to be ready first,” said Sammie Rainey, city building maintenance superintendent. “We’re finishing the bid packages on the Central Fire Station and the vehicle maintenance building. The packages for those two buildings should be ready in the next two weeks.”

A construction date for the first two buildings has not been set.

Built in 1968, the water treatment plant has a multi-layered roof topped with a membrane covered by gravel, Rainey said.

Plant superintendent Pat McGuffie said the building got a new roof about 15 years ago, adding it has been patched several times since.

“It leaks in several places, and over some of our electrical equipment,” he said.

Fire Station No. 6 was built in 1955. Rainey said the station’s membrane roof was installed about 15 to 20 years ago.

“It’s old,” he said. “It’s been patched several times and can’t be patched any more. It’s got several bad spots. It has one bad spot in the middle of the roof, and there are several places along the cap (the metal flashing under the roof along the top of the building) where it leaks.

“Push came to shove, and we had to put a new roof on it,” he said.

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