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Symphony concert signals Memorial Day is here

Published 12:01 am Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vicksburg native Mike Henry sat in anticipation of an evening filled with good music and fun in the midst of history.
“This is going to be very peaceful and enjoyable event. This is a great evening with beautiful weather and I’m looking forward to hearing the band,” said Henry.
For Elisha Harris, the event was the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy the sunny 82-degree temperatures.
“This gives me a chance to get out of the house and listen to some good music,” said Harris, who was attending the event for the first time.
Henry and Harris were among about 1,000 music lovers who came to hear the patriotic sounds of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra on the grounds of the Vicksburg National Military Park Visitors Center on Saturday.
Friends of Vicksburg National Military Park and Campaign, VNMP, and the orchestra sponsored the concert. This concert was made possible through grant support from the National Park Service through the Lower Mississippi Delta Initiative, who are sponsors of both Four Seasons of the Arts and Friends of Vicksburg National Park and Campaign and Trustmark National Bank.
“I love this event. I think being here in the park during the holiday weekend and hearing patriotic music will give anyone goosebumps. This is a meaningful event and it’s a great way to spend this important holiday,” said said Bess Averett, director of Friends of Vicksburg National Military Park and Campaign.
Vicksburg couple Edgar and Catherine Allen said they were eager to see the show for about a year. The couple looked forward to seeing old acquaintances and having a good time.
“This was a great event. We came to this event last year and we’ve been making plans to come back ever since,” said Edgar.
“This was a good time to get out and see people and friends who we haven’t seen in a while,” said Catherine.
Wiggins natives and couple Larry and Jenine Dandy made a stop by the concert during their weekend vacation to Vicksburg.
“We heard about this concert as we were here sightseeing for the weekend and thought we should come and check it out,” said Larry.
“We’ve really had a good time here,” said Jenine.
Monroe native Isa Murry was excited to hear a band play Memorial Day themed music.
“I love orchestra music and military bands. I go to see military bands all the time. The band they selected for this program has performed wonderfully,” said Murry.