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Old Post Files

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, May 28, 2014

70 Years Ago: 1944

Rabbi Stanley Brav delivers the baccalaureate sermon to Carr Central High School Graduates. • Dr. Harris Bell returns from Memphis where he attended the Tennessee Medical Association meeting.

60 Years Ago: 1954

Evritt Harris Jr. is home for the summer from Columbia Military Academy in Tennessee.

50 Years Ago: 1964

Mr. and Mrs. John Hebler and daughter are visiting friends on the Gulf Coast. • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Peterson announce the birth of a daughter, Anita Louise, on May 26.

40 Years Ago: 1974

Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor Lick Sr. are parents of a daughter, Christina Ava, born May 20.

30 Years Ago: 1984

Norman Warren is among many who watch the eclipse in Vicksburg, some by focusing the sun on cardboard strips through a pin-hole.

20 Years Ago: 1994

Ronceynius L. Neal of Vicksburg is named a mathematics award winner by the United States Achievement Academy. • Bishop Burton Tart celebrates his second birthday.

10 Years Ago: 2004

Actress Jane Powell is speaking at River Region Health System’s Senior Day of Health.