VHA showing surplus for the year

Published 11:34am Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Vicksburg Housing Authority unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday that will pay for the sewer and garbage utility fees for Cedar Estates residents, as well as garbage fees for all elderly and disabled designated units.

According to the resolution, Vicksburg will send the Cedars utility bill to the VHA, which will pay the total amount. The city will also send the monthly utility and garbage bills for elderly residents at Urban Court, Jefferson Circle and Cossar Court for the VHA to pay. The association already pays the water, sewer and gas service for senior citizens and disabled tenants.

“It benefits the residents because they no longer have to worry about running delinquent accounts,” board executive director Bennett Washington said. “They get credit for a utility adjustment that we give them, and if they’re making enough income it’s not really given to them directly. It’s just adjusted and they have to pay that utility.”

The VHA also announced its financial records for the month of June highlighted by a $3,000 surplus. The VHA released the records at the association’s monthly board meeting.

“We’re ahead of schedule on our income,” Washington said. “Obviously we’re nonprofit, and currently we’re showing about $130,000 in income for the year, and we have $3,000 this month.”

June marked the end of the third quarter for the VHA, which has seen a steady stick with the status quo with the rest of the year. The association’s operating expenses were all normal for the month and the VHA reported $176,000 in total expenses, with an income of $180,000.

“The good thing is we’re $130,000 in the good (for the year) and we had a budget projection of $30,000, so that’s three times what we projected right now as far as income,” Washington said. “We’re not doing too bad.”

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