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Supervisor lauded for service to constituents

[06/20/01] District 3 Supervisor Charles Selmon picked up the president’s award at the Mississippi Association of Supervisors’ convention, an honor based on service to constituents.

Selmon, serving his second term from District 3, said the award means more to him than others he has received because it required endorsements from the people he represents.

“This award is given to a supervisor whose constituents submit support for that supervisor,” Selmon said. “It shows that somebody noticed and appreciates the work you do.”

Selmon’s tenure includes being involved in community events and programs such as Neighborhood Watch, coordinating with the city to construct homes for low-income residents, and staging a back-to-school rally and celebration each year in conjunction with District 2 Supervisor Michael Mayfield.

“It hasn’t been just Charles Selmon,” he said. “There’s always been people helping me do things. I believe I stand on a lot of people’s shoulders. A lot of people made sacrifices for me to be in the position I am. Because of that, I understand that I have an obligation to do something. Because people put their trust in me, that means something to me.”

The back-to-school programs have been held at City Park Stadium to provide school supplies and to encourage young people to take education seriously.

Selmon has also attempted to have the county’s governing board meet at venues away from the courthouse and at times when more citizens can attend. Those efforts, however, have usually failed on 3-2 votes.

Selmon also said he believes his biggest supporter in his life and career has been God.

“All the awards, achievements, and accomplishments I’ve made is because God has given me the strength to do it,” he said. “I’m just a tool being used for God’s purpose. To make other people’s lives better.”

Selmon also serves on the Human Services Board of the National Association of Counties and said a position with a national board helps him make improvements locally.

Selmon has a master’s in clinical psychology and said he doesn’t see himself as a career politician. He believes, he said, he will always be a contributor to the community on some level.

“I see accomplishment when you’re able to help somebody live a better life than they lived before. My goal is to do the best job I can possibly do,” Selmon said.