Fallen tree sent county family of seven to shelter

Published 11:34 am Friday, August 31, 2012

One Warren County family was still in a Red Cross shelter this morning after a tree crashed through the roof of their home early Thursday at the height of Tropical Storm Isaac.

A tree behind the Weathers’ home at 143 Myrtle Place snapped about 3:30 a.m. Thursday and punctured the roof, knocking kitchen cabinets from the walls and letting a flood of rainwater soak the home.

Seven people live in the house at the dead end of Myrtle Place off Kirkland Road.

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“We were in the living room asleep at 3:30, and we heard a loud kaboom! crash!” Tanya Weathers said.

Tanya’s daughter, China Weathers, 12, was scraped by a branch as it broke off in the ceiling, but she was not seriously injured.

“It hurts,” China said Thursday afternoon at the Red Cross Shelter at Vicksburg Church of Christ.

Tayna Weather’s mother, Patricia Weathers and her other daughter, Lisa Steed, returned to the home late Thursday to examine the damage and feed their outdoor cats.

“We are blessed that that child did not get hurt worse than that,” Patricia Weathers said as she looked at the gaping hole in the living room ceiling.

Normally during a storm, Patricia Weathers sits in a chair directly under where the branch came through the roof and watches The Weather Channel. She had a feeling Thursday that she needed to just stay in bed.

“That probably would have given me a heart attack,” she said of if she had been watching television.

The limb that punctured the living room roof appeared to come from a healthy tree. Limbs also fell through one bedroom and the bathroom.

“The wind had to be awfully high to knock that limb down like that because it’s a good green tree not a rotten tree,” Patricia Weathers said.

Gusts of up to 40 mph were anticipated during the storm, according to the National Weather Service.

Steed was watching television in the back bedroom underneath the tree that snapped as the roof came crashing in.

“I was up watching a documentary on Hurricane Katrina, and I barely escaped,” she said.

Patricia Weathers said the family hopes to move back into the home once it is repaired. Insurance adjustors were expected to examine the house soon, she said.

“It’s not completely destroyed, but there’s a lot of damage,” Patricia Weathers said.