Vining joins ranks of Post alumni

Published 10:01 am Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I have laughed, loved and learned a ton in the short amount of time I’ve been able to call Vicksburg home.

Though I’ve only been in Vicksburg for about a year and a half, I’ve taken so, so much from this community.

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I’ve made many relationships here I know will last a lifetime. The people here are vibrant, and they’ve definitely added color in my life.

I’ve attended Riverfest, a few Old Court House Flea Markets and more parades than I can count. I’ve met a senator, Miss Mississippi royalty and the Episcopal presiding bishop.

My friends who moved off to bigger cities told me they were having trouble meeting people, and I countered with struggling to find time to recharge.

I couldn’t have done it without the people surrounding me day by day in the newsroom. Our endless banter and witty quips are what kept me looking forward to terribly early mornings.

There’s something to be said about a bunch of writers gathered together in a small space. With that many creative people, you know there’s bound to be some exciting conversation.

They’ve definitely been some good people to surround myself with while making that delicate transition into adulthood. I’ve worked at other newspapers before, but The Vicksburg Post was my first full-time gig.

It meant saying goodbye to late nights, unlimited free weekends and the freedom to decide what I’d be doing every day. In turn, I learned the value of rising before the sun, putting in an honest days work and doing something meaningful with my life.

Working in newspapers has been one of the most fun, exciting things I have ever and probably will ever do in my life.

If anything, it’s taught me that sometimes it’s OK to enjoy a dull moment — it could be better than the alternative.

Every day really is an adventure when you’re a journalist. I know I’ve got stories I’ll be telling my grandchildren one day about my wild days as a reporter in smalltown Mississippi.

However, it’s time that I take my next step. Later this week, I’ll be moving to Florida, bidding goodbye to The Vicksburg Post.

My next chapter will include trading in my Hotty Toddy for Chomp Chomp while earning my doctorate from the University of Florida.

Go Gators? I think it might still take some getting used to, but so far the Gator nation has been more than welcoming.

We have a running joke at the office — that everyone either worked at The Vicksburg Post at some point or at least knows someone who did, and they’re always sure to let us know. Now it looks like I’ll be joining their ranks.


Austin Vining is a staff writer for The Vicksburg Post. Email comments to