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This college football season is poised to be entertaining

College football is about five weeks away. With the university of Alabama winning it’s 16th national championship it put the Southeastern Conference back on top of college football mountaintop.

After two years of the conference not being able to finish as the sports champion, could the Tide spark the SEC’s dominance?

This season has a lot of storylines baked within to provide for a balanced run at the College Football Championship.

The unfortunate mishaps and mishandling of female students on their respective campuses resulted in prospective student athletes signing to play elsewhere.

It’ll be interesting to see how these respectable changes of hearts will tip the scales of the sport.

I’ll definitely be watching closely at the playoff committee to see if in its third year, its logic will remain consistent with that of the previous year: particularly with the Big XII.

Now that it has succumbed to pressure from the committee and those around the sport and resurrected its championship game from a seven-year grave.

Will the committee take into account the upcoming championship game should another TCU/Baylor scenario from its inaugural year comes about.

Will a one-loss team be able to squeeze itself into the final four?

In a year when all Power 5 conferences have a championship game, what will determine which conference champion gets left out?

Would that call for an expansion to six teams – which I believe should be the limit if expansion does happen –?

Jim Harbaugh upset a few coaches with his idea of satellite camps in the south, possibly recruiting some of the naturally thicker built players in the region.

Fans should definitely get a kick out of the back-and-forth banter, if any, from the opposition.

Also, what is college football going to do with the Atlantic Coast Conference? Not the powerhouse it is in college basketball, it has garnered success in recent years through Florida State, Duke, North Carolina, and even Syracuse gave LSU a scare for a little while.

Clemson played itself into the title game after narrowly escaping the Tar Heels in the ACC Championship game.

Eyes and ears will surround Tennessee and Ole Miss given the recent scandals and sanctions those athletic problems have stirred in recent years.

Every conference has something going on but I just can’t wait to scream “Roll Tide” against Southern California.