A few haircuts for students is a much bigger deal than just giving students a new “do”

Published 11:08 pm Friday, April 14, 2017

We all feel more confident and self-assured when we look and feel our best.

Same thing goes for children, too. They know when they look sharp, and when they don’t.

This week, more than 50 students at Vicksburg Intermediate School got that boost in self-confidence when six barbers from Headquarters Barber and Beauty in Vicksburg provided free haircuts.

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The haircuts were part of an initiative of that business to give back to the community that supports it.

“It brings a smile to the children’s face. They are taking tests and different things all week so we wanted to bring a smile and uplift them.

A haircut is like medicine. Anybody feeling down, a haircut makes them feel better,” said Geno Williams, owner and operator at Headquarters Barber and Beauty.

The effect on the youngsters was immediate and evident when their faces lit up after their haircuts. Clinton Walker, a fourth grader at Vicksburg Intermediate, said his hair made him feel great.

Several of the students also mentioned enjoying the novelty of getting their hair cut at school.

The haircuts also gave the students contact with another adult, something that’s always helpful.

“They look up to us,” said barber Troy Truly. “Some kids, their father may not be present and there may not be a male figure in their life so sometimes they need somebody to talk to or lead them in the right direction.”

The gesture by Headquarters Barber and Beauty may seem like a small one, but it made the day for more than 50 of Vicksburg’s young people. That’s no small accomplishment.

Vicksburg is blessed with many business leaders and community members who quietly do things to bolster the confidence and to help mentor our young people. But there’s much more we can do.

Let’s challenge ourselves to think about what more we can do to support the children of our community.