Voters need to take their important job seriously

Published 10:55 am Friday, May 12, 2017

Less than a month is all the time you have.

In that time, it is important to study, learn the issues and learn where they stand.

This is the job now before registered voters in the city of Vicksburg.

Over the next four weeks, candidates will work to canvass the city, canvass their wards, to share with voters their vision, their thoughts on the issues facing Vicksburg.

It would be a shame if voters did not put the same amount of work in understanding the facts, the figures and the positions candidates have on issues such as crime, economic development, investment in infrastructure, development of parks and recreational facilities and the overall quality of life in Vicksburg.

The men and women positioning themselves for public office are putting themselves out in front of the public for scrutiny. They know — or at least they should know — those positions will be challenged, debated and in some cases completely dismissed.

But, in the spirit of a public servant, they do not and should not mind the nitpicking.

During the party primary election earlier this month, only 24 percent of registered voters in the city turned out to vote.

Less than one in four felt enough pride and civic duty about Vicksburg’s future to spend five minutes casting a ballot. That is a shame.

In the coming weeks, The Post will interview each of those running for office. We will ask them their positions on the main issues, and we will push them for direct answers.

We expect nothing less of ourselves, and we would expect nothing less of those with the power of the vote.

In our society, each registered voter has the power to affect change, to help shape the future of the community in which they live.

But, that power is only power when used voting. Having that power and doing nothing with it is a terrible waste.

June 6 is just around the corner, but plenty of time remains to learn. Don’t waste your time or your vote.