Can you smell something wrong with garbage bids?

Published 8:55 pm Saturday, May 13, 2017

To the editor:

I was amazed at a committee formed for garbage in the city.

Public notice was sent for bids for picking up the garbage. One firm tended a bid properly only to be rejected by the garbage committee as they rewrote some requirements after they opened bids.

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So now the garbage committee and the city administrators know what each bidder submitted dollar wise except for one company who didn’t bid the garbage on time.

Can anyone else smell something wrong? Looks like a fix is in.

Former New Orleans mayor Nagin gave a deposition May 11, 2017, on one of garbage lawsuits involving a bidder in Vicksburg and River Birch in New Orleans. Informative reading in Times Picayune newspaper.

I am going for one more item and that concerns over spending by the city in purchasing pressure treated wood to be used one time for flood wall construction instead of regular timber that would also be better suited since water would swell and limit the leaking as is going on presently.

Not sure how this high priced pressure treated timber will be disposed of after the flood but it should be auctioned off.

Good follow up by The Post if they are sincere in their concern for the citizens of Vicksburg. There is a company that supplies custom fit aluminum and seals for blocking off flood walls that is completely reusable as needed for future floods.

Dan Hall