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Humane Society closing due to water crisis

The Vicksburg-Warren County Humane Society has closed to the public and is not accepting animals because of the water crisis in the city of Vicksburg.

Georgia Lynn, the Humane Society’s director, said the shelter is without water. The Humane Society facility gets its water from the Yokena-Jeff Davis water system, which purchases its water from the city of Vicksburg.

A main water line in the city’s water system ruptured Wednesday morning and the city of Vicksburg is without water service for at least the next five days, maybe longer, city officials said.

Water is critical to the operation of an animal shelter.

“We are going to do the best we can do,” Lynn said. “I’m going to close to the public, and not accept any more animals until this epic water crisis is over.”

Also, Lynn said she was going to transport as many of the 70 animals the Humane Society is housing now to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League.

“We’ve got to reduce our numbers. I’m not taking them over there for euthanasia. The pets we have here now are very adoptable. When this is over, I will go back and get them. I’m just trying to reduce my numbers as low as I can get them and not take in any more until this is over,” Lynn said.

She plans to purchase a tank and transport water to the Humane Society to use to hydrate the animals that remain and to use to clean the facility.

At the city of Vicksburg Animal Shelter, it’s business as usual, said Mayor George Flaggs Jr.

The city has gotten water to the shelter in a tanker truck and it is being used to water the animals and clean the facility.

“We’re in good shape there,” Flaggs said.