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If sports complex tax plan is going to pass, it is going to take a lot more from a lot more


n a number of occasions, we have used this space to endorse the idea of the proposed sports complex.

We have called for voters to approve the funding plan that places the burden of paying for the $20 million project on those who visit Vicksburg and Warren County rather than on the backs of local taxpayers.

We have applauded city leaders for getting the long-talked about project to this point, giving voters a say in making this idea a reality.

But, today, we come here to criticize those who want this tax plan to be approved and want this sports complex built. We criticize them for the complete lack of a marketing the plan, failure to educate voters on how the tax plan would work and not hurt local residents and asking for people to vote for the plan.

We have seen little to nothing done in explaining the economic impact of such a facility, showcasing the facilities that would be constructed or the programs offered in support of local children and families.

After the tax plan was approved by the Vicksburg Board of Mayor and Aldermen, we have seen little mention on easing concerns about increased traffic along Halls Ferry Road and Fisher Ferry Road, and how a proposed new road would help with traffic.

If city leaders want this plan to pass, you wouldn’t be able to tell by how much they have campaigned for it during their re-election efforts.

Where were the flyers to the parents of children playing in the Vicksburg Girls Softball Association, detailing the new facilities and asking for their support, their vote?

Where were the handouts to parents who children were playing youth baseball, showcasing the idea of turf fields, walking trails, play areas and more that are planned for the park? Where were requests for their support, their vote?

If the vote for the proposed tax plan that would fund the new sports complex fails, city leaders should not look to blame anyone other than themselves. Other than getting the measure on the ballot, they have done little else.

Any vote asking for a tax, even those that would be paid for by visitors, is a tall order, but they are made even taller by leaders who are not campaigning for them or explaining the details.

Just a few days remain before the vote on June 6 and there is a lot of work needed to educate voters and gain the support needed.