Troy Kimble is change North Ward needs

Published 6:42 pm Saturday, June 3, 2017

The residents of Vicksburg’s North Ward face a number of difficult challenges.

From issues with infrastructure or economic opportunity, many who live in this area feel the ward has been left behind, while other areas of the city have seen development, have seen growth.

While some of those feelings might just be conjecture, there is something to be said for how long problems, such as poor drainage, abandoned properties and dilapidated structures seem to last in the North Ward as compared to others.

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Annual floods have created an area of the ward that can no longer be used for homes, only making an already short supply of available, affordable housing even worse.

As investments are made in other parks and recreational facilities, and as the city now focuses on developing a multi-million sports complex in the city’s South Ward, parks and facilities in the North Ward are left lacking and in need of investment.

Again, many of these issues fall in the perception and are not always reality.

There have been investments and improvements made in the North Ward, but work needs to be done.

And, the pace of those improvements, development and investment needs to be accelerated.

During his tenure as North Ward Alderman Michael Mayfield has been a solid public servant.

Add the time on the Warren County Board of Supervisors to the time with the city and Mayfield has served his community, his neighbors and his ward well.

But, a time for a change is likely upon us.

Troy Kimble, a public servant himself, is poised and positioned to be the next leader for Vicksburg’s North Ward and today, we offer our endorsement for his election.

His passion for the North Ward is without question and his dedication to digging deep into the problems facing this area of Vicksburg is admirable, so to is the fact he quit his job to focus on running for office.

That decision placed hardship on his family, but doing so allowed him the time and the opportunity to learn how he can best serve the North Ward as its alderman.

The residents in the North Ward have a unique opportunity in this election.

Regardless of the result, they will be well served. It is our opinion that the time has come for a change and Kimble is the change that is needed.