Reach of tropical systems are far wider, far greater than where they make landfall

Published 8:30 am Thursday, June 22, 2017

While Tropical Storm Cindy follows a track north of Vicksburg today, Vicksburg and Warren County could suffer high winds and torrential rains that could lead to dangerous flooding.

The season is forecast to be an active one. Now is the time to make certain you are prepared to endure flooding and power outages often left in the wake of tropical storms.

If you live in an area prone to flooding, the Mississippi Department of Health recommends that you identify home hazards and know how to protect them and your property before flooding strikes.

4 Be prepared to turn off electrical power if there are fallen power lines or standing water or before you evacuate.

4 Do not let children play in floodwater and discard any items that come into contact with floodwater.

4 Discard any food, medicine or bottled water that has come in contact with floodwater.

4 Never use a generator, grill, camp stove or other gasoline, propane, natural gas or charcoal-burning devices inside a home, garage, basement, crawlspace or any partially enclosed area. Keep these devices outdoors, away from doors, windows and vents that could allow carbon monoxide to come indoors. Opening doors or using fans will not prevent carbon monoxide from building up in the home.

4 Make sure you and your family members are up to date on your tetanus vaccinations. If it’s been 10 years or more since your last tetanus vaccination, you should get another one. In the event of a puncture wound or wound contaminated with floodwater, see a health care provider. Tetanus vaccinations are available at all county health departments in Mississippi.

4 If you come into contact with a snake, do not attempt to catch or kill it. Slowly back away from the snake. If you are bitten, do not attempt to cut the bite area, nor should you try to suck venom from the bitten area. Do not apply ice to the bitten area, nor a tourniquet. Call 911 immediately. Lay the person flat and keep the bitten part of the body at the level of the rest of the body. Do not elevate or dangle a bitten arm or leg.

Mostly, make certain to stay aware of changes in the weather and informed about weather headed our way.