Dangerous heat, humidity rolls into the area

Published 9:32 am Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Warren County Emergency Management Director John Elfer sent out a simple email Tuesday, with an important warning about dangerous heat.

Highs for the coming days will be in the lower 90s, with the heat indices near 105 degrees.

“Most of the time you start to receive some type of heat stress as you get over heat indices over 100 degrees, but especially as you get near or above 105,” National Weather Service meteorologist David Cox said. “It begins on Thursday through the weekend, really through around Saturday. Our max heat indices pretty much every day Thursday through Saturday will max around 105 pretty across much of our entire forecast area, which includes the city and regional area around Vicksburg.”

Cox said while the highs are in the 9s, the lows will only fall into the mid-70s.

“The lows really won’t drop off that much at night only into the mid-70s,” Cox said. “We will definitely see some potential for heat stress throughout that time period.”