Fight and video: Plenty of blame to go around

Published 9:59 am Thursday, July 13, 2017

In some ways, social media — meaning Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, others — has enhanced the lives of many.

For example, take Facebook. That social media site has connected like-minded people. Those who care about and help with the plight of animals in need have gathered on Facebook, shared resources and been able to better the lives of thousands of previously unwanted animals.

People who went to school in one location and moved away have been able to connect with classmates, rekindling friendships.

People who share interests and values have been able to find each other on Facebook and support each other.

But each social media site has a dark side. Social media allows cowards to hide behind anonymity and spew hate and venom and attack others simply for the fun of it.

Small-minded individuals and voyeurs can get their fix of dreadful behavior, thanks to shared Facebook videos.

Unfortunately, such was the case recently in when a large brawl in Vicksburg was captured and shared live on Facebook.

The fight occurred on Friday and began on Pearl Street after 4 p.m., moved to Ethel Street and later to Farmer Street.

The video on Facebook shows the fight at each of the locations was attended by a large group of people. The shame of it all is no one on the video attempts to stop the fight. In fact, those watching can be heard urging on the combatants.

That’s a sick statement on our society, and the result of people becoming numb to the issue of violence.

Those same people who stood quietly by and watched the fight with gusto, let this brawl take place and did nothing to stop it, are the first who will complain that police do nothing to prevent crime, that crime is rampant.

Fortunately, law enforcement has used the video to identify a number of people who participated in the fight, and warrants have been issued for their arrests.

Too bad police can’t round up those who watched and did nothing, or those who egged the brawlers on. They are just as much to blame.