About spoiled rotten, irresponsible kids

Published 6:57 pm Saturday, July 15, 2017

I come from a pretty decent family, or at least I always thought I did.

By decent, I mean hard-working, middle class or near, law-abiding. My family is made up of generally good citizens. Play by the rules. Help others when you can. Try to do the right thing.

I know of no member of my family who has been involved with issues with the law — that is until this latest generation.

Got a call Friday night that my niece — my baby sister’s child — and my nephew — my youngest brother’s son — who were palling around together in Natchez had been arrested by the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

Yes, you may recall my niece. I wrote about her earlier this year when she began losing her young mind in about December 2016. This girl who had been as close to a model child as I’ve ever seen, began acting like a teenage girl. Apparently her hormones kicked in or something because she began defying her mother, staying out late, performing poorly in school, discovered cigarettes and alcohol and who knows what else. She left my sister’s house and moved in with her more lenient father, who is less likely to ask about where she’s headed and who she’s with.

Both the niece and nephew are 18. Though both of these spoiled children live in Baton Rouge, they were driving around Natchez Friday night in my niece’s late model black Ford Mustang, provided to her by her paternal grandparents, after she wrecked the car my sister and her husband gave her. The nephew was driving her car because his — also given him by his mother and stepfather — was impounded or something in Baton Rouge.

Anywho, the two did something while driving to attract the attention of sheriff’s deputies and both were arrested. Her charge involved a minor with alcohol. His charge, at least the one I know about, has something to do with a juvenile in possession of a firearm.

I’m sure there are more offenses for both which I have been spared from knowing. I’m grateful for that. My head is about to explode over the little I do know.

I know Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten. Worked with him during my time in Natchez and it was all I could do not to call him and ask him while he had them at his facility to scare the bejesus out of them. But I didn’t. I’m trying to stay out of it, other than this bit of venting to y’all.

What’s up with giving your kids everything they want without asking that they earn it?

What’s up with not asking them the tough questions, like what are you going to do with your life, for fear it upsets them?

What’s up with being afraid of your own children to the point that you don’t discipline them, or don’t discipline them effectively?

I’ve heard parents say they want to give their kids everything they didn’t have growing up. Why in the world would they want to do that? Why would they want to inflict upon the world their privileged children who haven’t learned to earn anything on their own or to take responsibility for their own actions?

Of course, not every child in this latest generation is selfish and irresponsible. We have seen a bunch of examples of those who are on the right road in stories and mentions about the Class of 2017.

I love my family, and I hope these two delinquent members of it find their way soon, but it’s not looking good. And I really wish their parents would send them for a few weeks to Aunt Jan’s boot camp. I’d sure like to spend a little quality time with both of them.

Jan Griffey is general manager of The Vicksburg Post. You may reach her at jan.griffey@vicksburgpost.com.