Sheriff’s Office seeks missing sex offender

Published 9:16 am Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Authorities with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office are asking for help in locating Darrow Allen, a 49-year-old registered sex offender, who is supposed to be living in a home on Halls Ferry Road.

It is that “supposed to” that is now the problem.

“We went to his house last week because he had failed to reregister with the state,” detective Stacy Rollinson. “At that point, we tried the numbers we had on file to try to locate him and those numbers did not work.”

Since Allen did not reregister his information and address with the state, and authorities are unable to locate him or contact him, they have now listed him as an absconded individual and placed his name and information in the National Crime Information Center’s computerized database.

“If at anytime anyone runs his information, he will appear as absconded,” Rollinson said.


Allen was convicted of sexual battery in East Baton Rouge Parish, La. in February 1995.

Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace said his office is required to monitor all registered sex offenders in the county, regardless of city limits.

Rollinson said currently, the sheriff’s office is monitoring more than 100 registered sex offenders in the county, ensuring those individuals are living where they are registered and reregister as required by state law.

“Now, everyone needs to understand that we do not update the state’s website or are responsible for the information that is listed on the website,” Rollinson said. “We are required to enforce it, making sure those listed are following the law.”

She said it is up to those who are registered sex offenders to make sure they update and reregister their information as required and making sure the state’s Department of Public Safety is aware of any changes.

When the sheriff’s office receives updates and changes, they then follow-up to make sure the information is correct. Rollinson said detectives also follow up with each of the offenders at least twice each year to make sure the information online is as current as possible.

As for Allen, Rollinson said he is being charged with failure to reregister as a sex offender, a felony charge.

“The purpose of the law that requires sex offenders to register is so that local law enforcement will know where they are within any given community,” Pace said. “And for a sex offender to abscond from that monitoring program is something taken very seriously.”

Call Crime Stoppers at 601-355-TIPS (8477) if you know Allen’s location.

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