Help with cancer battle by remembering loved one

Published 7:03 pm Saturday, August 5, 2017

In September, I will again be going to Washington D.C. as a volunteer for our American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, along with volunteers from every congressional district in the United States and ACSCAN staff members, more than 600 of us in all.

As in previous years, each of us will meet with our senators and representatives to ask for funding for cancer treatment and research, to make fighting cancer a national priority, and several other cancer initiatives.

I am writing you to ask for your help. There will be a night in Washington with a Lights of Hope Ceremony where each volunteer has raised money for Lights of Hope in honor of a loved one who has survived cancer or in memory of a loved one who lost the battle.

The Lights of Hope ceremony will be at the Lincoln Memorial this year instead of reflecting pool in front of the Capitol as in past years. These Lights of Hope serve to remind me that each of us can be a light for a cure for cancer.

This ceremony is always very emotional for me because, as you know, I am a cancer survivor and so many of my family and friends have also had to deal with this devastating disease.

I would love to take many bags with my friends’ and families’ names on them and bags for my friends and family who want their friends and families to have a light shining in the Capitol, remembering and celebrating them as we all stand in unity for a cure for cancer. I will be there in person, but I will be representing each of you and your loved one in spirit!

If you are unable to be a part of this project, I understand and will surely involve you in our next endeavor to raise funds to end cancer. As an added bonus, your $10 donation for a LOH also covers your annual membership fee to ACSCAN.

LOH donation/honoree list due to me NLT Monday, Aug. 28. I have to turn the checks and names into the ACS CAN office by Monday, Sept. 4, so I need the previous week to get all the bags made and decorated.

$10 for each Light of Hope — you may purchase as many as you like. What a way to honor loved ones.

Please email me and mail your check and include with your check a list of the person’s name, stating if it is in IN HONOR or IN MEMORY and a check made payable to ACS CAN for the Lights of Hope that you purchase.

Mail to Pearl W. Carter, 700 Porters Chapel Rd., Vicksburg, MS 39180

Or, go to and send your Lights of Hope payment electronically using your credit card as payment. (Click on the square with HOPE, enter my name in “Find a participant,” then click on my name, then on Donate, then fill in the blanks.)

Thank you. I am forever grateful for your support. We can fight this disease that takes so much from so many of us. It is my passion and privilege to have served as a volunteer for the American Cancer Society and ACS Cancer Action Network since 1991. I have seen much progress over the years but the battle is far from won.

Won’t you help us in the fight with your donations and honorariums?
Pearl W. Carter is a Vicksburg resident and cancer survivor. You may reach her at