The love we felt is the reason Vicksburg is home

Published 7:13 pm Monday, August 14, 2017

A strong case of writer’s block is something I have thankfully been able to avoid for most of my career. True, I have had times when getting started on a story has been difficult, but nothing that would be diagnosed as writer’s block.

Except for now.

As some of you may know, Tuesday marks my final day at The Vicksburg Post. Rob Sigler will step in Wednesday as the newspaper’s next editor, and I am confident great things will come from Rob’s leadership.

As news of my departure has made its way around town, folks have asked the obvious question. My response, honestly, is “not sure.”

And while my next career choice remains in doubt a few things are not.

For the past 25 years, I have delighted in telling stories, capturing photos and helping coach young journalists along the way, much in the way I was coached by so many strong and talented editors.

I have had the chance to interview vice presidents and the homeless. Been cussed by the best and blessed by the worst.

In short, it has been a thrilling career. And while this career might be coming to a close, my job for the short term will be to delight in taking my children to school, picking them up, asking about their day, enjoying my daughter’s softball games and being a husband to Stephanie.

To the other question many have asked, no, we are not leaving Vicksburg.

When we moved to Vicksburg three years ago, it was the next stop in a career that has taken me from south Alabama, to Virginia, to Texas, back to Alabama again and to Vicksburg.

Looking back on it, the job was what brought us to Vicksburg. It is not what is keeping us in Vicksburg.

We were welcomed with open arms from a giving community, a strong church family and friendly faces who quickly became friends. Our children have thrived in our schools, developed lifelong friendships and know Vicksburg as their home.

For these and so many other reasons, Vicksburg is home. Period.

As for The Post, it too has been a blessing. For three years, I have been blessed to work with amazing and talented individuals who come to work each day with the goal of serving Vicksburg and Warren County. True, this is a business, but for those who work here, it is a calling.

Throughout the years, I had the luxury of coaching some very talented journalists, many of whom are still in the business and thriving today. One in particular comes to mind.

Dale Liesch was a young reporter who was at times the living embodiment of writer’s block. It would at times be painful to watch him freeze up in an article, requiring a little coaching — or kick in the rear — to finish it before deadline.

He would often say, “I just don’t know how to end this story.” My response, in as loving a tone as I could muster, would be “try a period or other applicable punctuation.”

Today, I will take my own advice.

Tim Reeves is editor of The Post. His final day at The Post is Tuesday. He can be reached at After Tuesday, reach him at

About Tim Reeves

Tim Reeves, and his wife Stephanie, are the parents of three children, Sarah Cameron, Clayton and Fin, who all attend school in the Vicksburg Warren School District. The family are members of First Baptist Church Vicksburg. Tim is involved in a number of civic and volunteer organizations including the United Way of West Central Mississippi and serves on the City of Vicksburg's Riverfront Redevelopment Committee.

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