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All our attractions are great, but there’s just something about the river

For the past few months, The Vicksburg Post has published a question and answer feature in the newspaper where we pose a new question to four-to-five residents.

When the feature began, it appeared once each week, now the feature appears in the Wednesday and Weekend editions.

Questions have varied from what is your favorite book to a plethora of questions more recently concerning the COVID-19 virus.

One of this week’s questions strayed away from the pandemic and focused on tourism with the question being, “If you were to visit one tourist place, museum or historic Vicksburg spot what would it be and why?”

Two of those who were featured said they would visit the McRaven House. Both were intrigued by the possibility of supernatural events and since McRaven is the most haunted house in Mississippi, it would make sense this would be the spot to go.

Another said she would visit the Vicksburg National Military Park because of its history and exercise opportunities.

History was cited by another as to why she would choose Anchuca, a historic antebellum home, and added she also enjoyed dining at the restaurant, located within the home.

In addition to Anchuca and the McRaven House, Vicksburg has many other historical homes and mansions that make for a great tourist visit. Hubby and I were married at the Duff Green Mansion. Besides the home being a beautiful setting for our nuptials, its history was an added feature for guests.

I know my oldest and youngest daughters both think the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum is a top attraction.

Visitors can learn how the first bottled Coke came about and view all the memorabilia dedicated to the soft drink. They can also purchase a Coke float, which is no doubt why this is the favorite local attraction for my girls.

If children were asked what spot they would choose as a tourist place to visit, my money is on the splash pad at Catfish Row.

And speaking of cash, for folks feeling lucky, I imagine if asked they would say the casinos.

Locals, who are living among all the attractions Vicksburg has to offer, can sometimes overlook and forget those amenities.

That is until someone asks the question, “If you were to visit one tourist place, museum or historic Vicksburg spot what would it be and why?”

My answer would be any view of the Mississippi River. There is something so majestic about this body of water.

Many times I have sought out Old Man River as a source of solace whether from afar on Lee Street or at the riverfront dock.

With its sounds and smells and ebb and flow, I just can’t imagine living someplace where there was not a large body of water to remind me, there is someone greater in charge of life.

If you were to visit one tourist place, museum or historic Vicksburg spot, what would it be and why?


Terri Cowart Frazier is a staff writer for The Vicksburg Post. She can be reached at terri.frazier@vicksburgpost.com.