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Get screened ahead of Tuesday’s COVID-19 test site in Vicksburg

University of Mississippi Medical Center and the Mississippi State Department of Health have announced another one-day drive-through COVID-19 testing event for Vicksburg.

Tuesday, those who have been screened and have an appointment, can receive a COVID-19 test free of charge at the test site set for the parking lot at the mall parking lot on Pemberton Square Boulevard.

Before visiting, those wanting to get tested must first be screened by speaking with a UMMC clinician to determine the likelihood of COVID-19 infection. This can be done by calling 601-496-7200 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Saturday) or completing the UMMC COVID-19 Patient Screening form at https://covidschedule.umc.edu/.

If the clinician determines that your likelihood of infection is high, you will receive an appointment for drive-through testing.

Hospital and state health officials urge those who do get tested to self-isolate following the test while waiting for the results.

According to UMMC’s website, “it is essential to remain at home and away from other family members as much as possible to prevent the possible spread of disease.”