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It will take prayer and time for Kealen Andrews’ family and friends

There are no words alone that will bring back Kealen Andrews, the 6-year-old boy killed earlier this week in a fire.

There are no words alone that can comfort the despair his mother, father and family are feeling as they prepare for his funeral service Monday.

There are no words alone that can restore his presence at the playground or in the classroom for his friends and teachers.

Only time can heal the wounds of such a tragic loss.

In the days since the fire, this community has done what it always does in moments of heartache and devastation — it rallies.

The support provided to his friends, his family and those who are left with a gaping hole in their lives has been nothing but amazing. And, in time, it, along with constant prayer, will be what brings this family comfort.

Individuals and organizations have rallied for this family, providing basic needs as they recover from the fire, and the prayers of the community have undoubtedly lifted them up in prayer.

It will take time, but as we have said before in quoting Psalm 30:5 “… joy cometh in the morning.”

And while Kealen’s family is at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers, so too should the first responders who risked everything to save this boy’s life — and in the case of a neighbor and two deputies with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office — risked their own lives in the attempt.

In the coming days, Kealen will be laid to rest. His friends and family will gather to comfort one another as his memory is honored.

But Monday’s funeral is not the end of this story. There is still more to be done, more prayers to be prayed and more aid rendered to this family who has a long recovery ahead.