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Vicksburg Living to debut inaugural wedding edition

For years, Martha Day highlighted brides and their weddings within the pages of The Vicksburg Post.

Martha’s wedding write-ups made the families of the bride and groom feel special. From the details of the nuptials to a full description of the bridal gowns, she shared with readers the nuances of a couple’s special day.

In an effort to bring back a tradition of excellence displayed by Day in her many years with the newspaper, The Post’s sister publication, Vicksburg Living, is launching its inaugural wedding edition. The January/February edition of Vicksburg Living, which will be available in early 2021, will feature local couples and their recent weddings.

“No one could ever replace my friend, but in an effort to rekindle a little of Martha’s magic, Vicksburg Living will launch the first wedding edition with January’s edition,” Vicksburg Living Editor Terri Cowart Frazier said. “We are excited about this new adventure and hope it will become an issue readers will look forward to each year.”

In future editions, Vicksburg Living will invite couples to submit information and pictures from their big day, but in a year so disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the magazine selected a few weddings for its inaugural edition.

But, the magazine is still wanting the public to participate. Anyone who has celebrated a wedding in the past year — or in the past decades — is invited to submit pictures from their wedding to appear in the magazine. Pictures and information must be submitted no later than Dec. 10.

To submit the photos, email them — along with the names of those in the photograph and the date of the wedding — to terri.frazier@vicksburgpost.com.