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Letter to the Editor: Young’s service to Vicksburg is deserving of all the honors

Dear Editor, 

When I think about a well-deserving lady, Mrs. Gertrude Young comes to mind. She is definitely a lady who wears many hats and has had many successful careers. Above all, she is a people person.

Starting out as a nurse, Mrs. Young honorably served as the director of the City of Vicksburg’s Medical Center. From 1988 to 1992, she served in her first elected office as a Warren County Election Commissioner.

Following that, Mrs. Young ran and won the position of North Ward Alderwoman in the city of Vicksburg. She served in that position from 1993 until 2005. During this period she also served as vice mayor.

While dealing with housing and land, she joined Perry Real Estate as a real estate broker.

I might also add that Mrs. Young is very well-educated as a proud Jacksonian and Alcornite.

Mrs. Young is a member of several organizations and clubs. She has played a big part in the development of many Vicksburg projects including, but not limited to, the Kings Center, the waterfront and the Vicksburg Convention Center.

When a position with city planning opened, she applied and was hired as Housing Department Director. After several years she has retired but is still a part-time real estate broker.

On Sept. 19, the Jackson Street Community Center was renamed in her honor. This is a very prestigious honor for a well-deserving lady.


Jacquelyn D. Cotton