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Mayor George Flaggs Jr. announces plans to run for re-election

George Flaggs Jr. will seek a third term as Vicksburg’s mayor.

In a statement released Thursday morning, Flaggs said he plans to qualify for the upcoming municipal elections Friday at noon. The deadline for candidates to qualify is Feb. 5. Elections for the Mayor and Board of Alderman will be held June 8.

“I believe I’ve proven my leadership ability through my honesty, commitment, and experience, and have created a pathway to the future for our City that can be achieved during a third term as Mayor,” Flaggs said in his statement. ” I’d like nothing more than the opportunity to continue to lead the growth and development of Vicksburg’s future for another four years; and with God, and the people’s help, I know I can win on June 8, 2021.”

Flaggs, who is an Independent, was first elected mayor in 2013, and won re-election in 2017. Prior to serving as mayor he was a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives from 1988 to 2013.

In his statement announcing his re-election campaign, Flaggs said improving Vicksburg’s police department, business climate and ongoing construction projects as goals for a potential third term.

“Rather than talk about past accomplishments, I want to talk about the direction I believe we need to go,” Flaggs said in the release. “We must effectively recruit and retain honest, hardworking police officers in Vicksburg while emphasizing the practice of community policing. We must also bring to justice those responsible for the unsolved homicides in our community and work to prevent future homicides. When we combine this with expanding our port, completing the Hardware Building Project (MCITy), redeveloping our riverfront, enhancing our tourist experience, expanding retail businesses, improving our infrastructure and recreation opportunities, and creating new commercial and single-family housing, we will be the envy of every city in the State of Mississippi. These goals are within reach, and I’ve laid the groundwork to make them a reality.”