It’s time to validate, challenge candidate claims

Published 5:31 pm Tuesday, March 23, 2021

There’s never as good a season for misinformation than election season, and Vicksburg is right in the middle of it.

As candidates fight and scrape for every vote in the April 6 party primaries, there is plenty of misinformation to go around.

There are claims of achievements that are not necessarily false claims but could be better described as inflated claims.

For many of those who are vying for their party’s nomination  — whether it be in the race for mayor, North Ward Alderman or South Ward Alderman — this is not their first election and they have the ability, and the responsibility, to run on their records. And for that, voters bear the responsibility of knowing who has done what and when.

And for those who are competing in an election for the first time, there are only claims of what they can do and want to do. There is no record for them to run on, or for others to judge them against.

In the coming days, the claims, the comments and the grandiose promises have the potential to reach heightened levels. It will be interesting to see who claims credit for accomplishments that may not have been theirs alone, but theirs as part of a team of elected officials or departments.

Over the past two weeks — and in issues to come — The Vicksburg Post has asked pointed questions of candidates and published their responses as they have provided them.

It is a candidate’s own words and record that provides the basis for whether or not they have earned our vote.