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Vicksburg District presents district colors for the first time

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg District unveiled its inaugural, district flag on March 29 during the annual Women’s History Month program and town hall at district headquarters.

The new district flag is one of the first to be uncased, or formally unveiled, across USACE. Also referred to as colors or unit standards, the flag represents the district’s lineage since it was permanently established in 1884. The colors also symbolize past and present employees’ contributions to the district and the nation. Previously, only USACE divisions were authorized their own colors.

Vicksburg District Leadership Development Program member, Wesley Miller, served as the color bearer for the ceremony and presented the flag to Col. Robert Hilliard, USACE Vicksburg District Commander, and Deputy District Engineer Pat Hemphill, who uncased the colors. Miller’s role represented the district’s future endeavors and commitment to service.

“Every unit regards their colors with a sense of community, shared pride, and commitment to the mission,” Hilliard said. “These flags represent the victories of all who serve under them, whether they’re soldier or civilian, and we’re proud to finally have a visible representation of our dedicated personnel.”

Traditionally, unit flags served as a rallying point for soldiers during battle and helped maintain cohesiveness. Commanders entrusted unit flags to their most trusted officers until U.S. Army regulations changed in 1813, after which the duty was performed by color sergeants or sergeants major. Colors are no longer used for identification on the modern battlefield, but instead as a tangible source of unit pride during official ceremonies