Take part in the process by voting next Tuesday

Published 7:13 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2021

If you were to look at many of the social media pages in Vicksburg lately, you would see a very engaged community interested in the upcoming Democratic Party primary mayoral runoff between Shawn Jackson and Troy Kimble.

But while there is plenty of excitement, enthusiasm and fevered banter between supporters of both candidates, it is not expected to translate into people turning out to the polls next Tuesday to cast a ballot.

And that is a shame.

This election — any election — is important, not just because of the race that sits upon the ballot, but because it is the next one; the next chance to take part in a form of government that has time and time again proven to be the envy of the world, whatever you may think of the outcome.

The fact that we as citizens have the chance to take an active role in selecting our leaders is a chance that, sadly, far too many of us simply forfeit by not showing up.

In the party primaries on April 6, just 15 percent of registered voters in Vicksburg showed up to cast a ballot, and that is when there were competitive races in the South Ward, North Ward and for the party’s nomination for mayor.

Despite the attempts by some campaigns to cast aspersions on the election process and election officials, the process has work and will work. It is a system that is overseen by dedicated public servants who serve to protect the sanctity of each person’s right to vote.

Any attempts to discredit their commitment to our community is disappointing, disingenuous and self-serving. Thankfully, too, it is oftentimes ineffective.

It is important that voters come out to show their support for their candidate, and if the candidate you may ultimately support in June’s general election is not in the runoff then participate Tuesday anyway.

Our city deserves a good, informative election showcasing the best amongst us. This is a chance to make sure that happens.