Letter to the Editor: May 4 storm caused undue suffering

Published 12:48 pm Thursday, May 13, 2021

Due to the storm that occurred on May 4, there were many Vicksburg and Warren County residents without power. As a result of the power loss, there was undue suffering among the residents.  The major loss was found when people had to throw away their frozen food. I have talked with many people who had purchased their monthly foods and had to turn around a few days later to throw the food away. What should citizens do in this case? I suggest they call and write Entergy and ask what type of compensation the residents will receive because they were not provided with lights for several days. This compensation should be given to all people who experienced undue hardship due to not having electricity. I know power companies can help with this effort because, in Dec 2013, my lights were out for six hours due to a snowstorm while living in Utah. The power company sent out a check to all residents who didn’t have electricity for $100. Call Entergy.

– Deidre Tyler

Vicksburg, MS