Our Opinion: Warren County Sheriff wants better for all

Published 4:00 am Sunday, May 30, 2021

This past week was an eventful one for Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace.

From planning and conducting fact-finding trips to jails across the state to putting himself in harm’s way to save a dog from a well, Pace has demonstrated a clear commitment to Warren County. From the four-legged to the incarcerated, the level of dedication is the same.

It’s no secret that a 114-year-old jail with 50-year-old upgrades is insufficient for modern needs. Instead of making blanket requests, Pace is leading the board of supervisors to experience first-hand the features he wants to implement in a new jail building.

This level of effort isn’t common — but it should be.

With recent national and regional focus shifting to a “people first” approach to policing, and with the Mississippi Department of Corrections under federal investigation due to years of inmate neglect and deplorable conditions, Pace and the supervisors’ push to modernize jail facilities should be an inspiration to others in the state.

No one wants to be incarcerated, but under the unfortunate circumstance that they end up in jail, it is good to know there are people on the inside working for positive change.

The events of the last year have demonstrated the power of good law enforcement officers and bad law enforcement officers, but if the actions displayed this past week are any indication, we’ve got one of the good ones leading the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.