Vicksburg Warren School District clarifies summer teacher pay discrepancy

Published 12:27 pm Thursday, July 8, 2021

Following rumors of a discrepancy regarding the dates on which summer school teachers in the Vicksburg Warren School District would be paid, Superintendent Chad Shealy offered clarification to staff members via email on Thursday.

“After receiving an email from a concerned staff member about the timing of payment for teachers working in our summer learning camps, we immediately looked into the discrepancy,” Shealy said in the email, which was sent to teachers. “We have learned that an on-site district employee may have given unauthorized incorrect information about when to expect payment, and we apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this misinformation may have caused.”

The recent outcry from social media claimed that summer school teachers were supposed to be paid on July 15. However, according to materials from orientation referenced in the email from Shealy — and the school board’s pay policy — employees will be “paid through a single monthly payroll.” This is in accordance with the Mississippi Code Section 37-9-41.

Shealy went on to state in the email that an attempt was made to deliver payroll differently, but that the district must adhere to local and state policy.

Offering further comment regarding the issue, VWSD Director of Communications Christi Kilroy said the misunderstanding was unfortunate and attributed the reason for the current pay structure to board and state policies.

“We certainly want to be clear, and we have to adhere to state policies regarding teacher pay,” Kilroy said.

Summer school employees will receive payment on July 30. Because the state fiscal year ended June 30, employees will receive two separate direct deposit notifications which can be viewed in the Munis Self Service system by July 26.

The email concluded with Shealy addressing another discrepancy: the alleged lack of school supplies provided by the district, which led some teachers to purchase their classroom supplies for students.

“(We) are working on a process for allowable reimbursement to be submitted for approval to the school board at the July meeting,” the email read, adding that another email will be sent to teachers regarding the reimbursement process.

Kilroy offered further clarification regarding the issue with school supplies.

“Mr. Shealy received an email from a teacher with a concern about spending money on supplies,” she said. “We have learned that there was a delay in delivery for some supplies during the first two weeks of summer school.

“However, those supplies, including but not limited to chart paper, crayons, markers, pencils and paper and copies have since been provided to the program. In the meantime, the program used supplies on hand at the school,” she said.