GUEST COLUMN: Yes, You Can! at the Vicksburg Farmer’s Market

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, May 18, 2022

By Rebecca Sigh | Guest Columnist

Overstocked with veggies? Just can it. No seriously, can it.

Canning means you can enjoy fresh and local foods purchased at the Vicksburg Farmer’s Market all year long. It may seem like a daunting task, but let the canning vendors like Kate Montgomery, owner of Kate’s Jams & Jellies, dispel that notion for you.

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If you have been down to the market, I’ll find it hard to believe you sampled some of her salsa and then walked away without buying a jar of it. 

Join us this weekend at the Vicksburg Farmer’s Market as we feature the hard-working canners that bring customers delicious jams, jellies, salsa, pickled veggies and more.

Vendors are prepared to answer all your canning questions as well as sell you some of Mississippi’s finest produce to get you started on the journey to becoming a canner — or just learn a thing or two from some of Mississippi’s best canners. 

What are some benefits of canning? Well, it saves you money. We all know food can be expensive. It also preserves a harvest. (Imagine enjoying a Mississippi tomato in December all because of canning — yes, I really went there).

Lastly, it’s eco-friendly. Canning your own food is an excellent way to reduce your environmental impact. 

Have I piqued your interest? Join the fun this weekend at the Vicksburg Farmer’s Market, and before you go doubting your skills, all of us at the Farmer’s Market will tell you, Yes, You Can.

The Vicksburg Farmer’s Market takes place on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon at Washington Street Park. For more information on the Vicksburg Farmer’s Market, email or call 601-634-4527 or follow us on Facebook @Vicksburg Farmers Market or Instagram @farmersmarketvicksburg.