VOICES OF THE FLOODS EPISODE 11: Eagle Lake resident Ann Dahl

Published 5:44 pm Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The latest episode of Voices of the Floods, a podcast by The Vicksburg Post, features Eagle Lake Resident and Yazoo Pumps advocate Ann Dahl.

Those who’ve driven U.S. 61 through the northern end of Warren County and into the South Mississippi Delta over the last four years have likely seen signage that reads, “FINISH THE PUMPS.”

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In some spots, it’s spray-painted on old propane tanks. In one place, it’s spelled out in 8-foot-tall letters on the side of a grain silo. And one would have to be blind to miss the giant bull statue near Onward that reads, “NO MORE BULL. FINISH THE PUMPS” in all-capital letters.

But fewer people know the face behind the blog that originated the slogan: Eagle Lake resident Ann Dahl.

To read Dahl’s full story and watch the corresponding video, click here.