Question 14. Who are your personal heroes in public life? Why?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 31, 2001

Dillamar: There’s no one person that I can say is my personal hero in public life. I may chose one person that may not be acceptable to others. There is no perfect man. Everyone has positive as well as negative attributes, faults and failures. I only know one perfect man and that is Jesus Christ, one that loves us in spite of and accepts our faults and failures. I choose Jesus Christ. The same today, tomorrow and forever.

Pratt: Jesus Christ, Billy Graham, and Mother Teresa. Because of their exemplary lives.

Young: I do not have a personal hero in public life, but looking into the community as a whole, I would have to say people like Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Doyle, the late Mr. Frank Summers, Pastor Eric Thomas, Mrs. Pauline Renfrow and the beautiful children of Vicksburg are my heroes. They take pride in their community, they love and accept people for who they are, and they constantly look for the good in people without expecting anything in return.

Question 15: Looking back four years from now, what do you hope to be able to say that you and your fellow city board members accomplished?

Dillamar: Elected officials should set goals, make plans to achieve those goals, research the issues, perform evaluations and then put them into action.

I have a five-point plan to accomplish if elected by the people. They include: Improving recreation for youth and senior citizens programs. I will place emphasis on enhancing growth/development, education, enriching cultural heritage and family-oriented events and attractions. Promoting tourism. Tourism adds to the stability and economy growth of this area. This can be done through beautification of Vicksburg, better roads, improving housing and enforcing ordinances. Decreasing crime and improving safety. This will be done by enforcing curfews, and improving the police department. We need to assess the existing systems, identify defaults, call for evaluations of service/promotions and implement a plan to correct the problems identified. Promotions should be based on merits and job performances. Improving salaries for city employees. Promoting growth and development of Vicksburg’s greatest resource its citizens. If in four years, I have accomplished my goals and others proposed by fellow city board members, I hope the people will say that we were an administration of action, exhibiting a spirit of unity and that they are proud to be a part of Vicksburg’s growth.

Pratt: We brought a divided community together by creating a plan for Vicksburg. This plan united all the citizens to work tirelessly to improve our city and the quality of life for everyone. The town is now beautiful and is a living example of how citizens and public officials pulling together can make progress happen. Vicksburg is now thriving economically and companies are realizing our potential. This administration cared about its workforce and its citizens and is proud of their accomplishments. Because without the efforts of each other, making Vicksburg No. 1 would not have been possible.

Young: A cleaner, safer, more prosperous Vicksburg.