VIS becomes a champion of change

Published 9:48 am Thursday, March 26, 2015

By Justin Barnett

For The Vicksburg Post


Wednesday, the Mississippi Department of Education recognized Vicksburg Intermediate School as a Champion of Change High Progress School.

VIS Principal Sharon D. Williams leads a staff of teachers who are dedicated to achieving excellence.

“This achievement means that all of the hard work and all of the sweat and tears was worth it,” Williams said. “We knew our babies could do it and we knew we had the teachers that could do it. We all came together and worked together and got it done.”

VIS ranked in the top 10 percent schools that have improved in student achievement on the state assessment over the last two years and is one of 33 schools in the state of Mississippi that have achieved the status of High Progress.

Williams felt that this achievement was more for the students than for the teachers and leaders of VIS. “It’s great to be recognized for working hard and we do work very hard here,” Williams said.

Williams is not the only one excited about the achievement that VIS has achieved, Vicksburg Warren School District Superintendent Chad Shealy was very happy with Vicksburg Intermediate’s achievement.

“A lot of times in education all you see is the A, B, Cs and Ds and it really doesn’t pertain to where children start,” Shealy said. “This is a great opportunity for Sharon and her teachers to be honored for that effort that they give.”

Williams is hopeful that this award will show individuals that Vicksburg Intermediate is a great school and that they have a lot to be proud of.

“People think that because we are a large school and because we are a Title I school they just automatically assume things about us,” Williams said. “We are an outstanding school and over the last eight years I’ve worked hard trying to let people know that we are a great school and people that think otherwise just need to visit.”