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It’s never too late to register to vote

The deadline to register to vote for the upcoming primary election has passed, but Warren County Circuit Clerk Jan Daigre is still encouraging people to register.

“July 4th was the last day to register if you wanted to vote in the primary, but you can certainly still register,” Daigre said. “The first time you’ll be able to vote will be in the general election in November.”

The deadline for registering to vote for the general election isn’t until Oct. 3 for the Nov. 3 election.

Registering to vote can be done at the circuit clerk’s office in the Warren County Courthouse, 1009 Cherry Street. A form of identification is all that’s needed. Applicants get a one-page form to fill out stating their current and previous addresses, date of birth and other personal information. The form can also be found online at http://www.sos.ms.gov/Elections-Voting/Documents/Voter_Registration.pdf

Changing an address for a voter who is already registered can also be done online or in Daigre’s office.

“If they’ve moved, if they haven’t thought about changing their address until now, it might change the precinct that they’re voting in so they need to get that straight with our office also,” she said.

There are 22 precincts in Warren County. To find a local polling place, the secretary of state’s website makes it easy to find where to go. Not only does it give the location of the polling place, it also gives directions, the contact information of the circuit clerk and a sample ballot. Just enter a home address at http://www.sos.ms.gov/pollingplace

“We encourage voters to make educated choices at the polls,” said Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann. “By searching our polling locator and reviewing the ballot provided, you will be able to educate yourself not only on the actual races on the ballot, but also on the candidates prior to Election Day.”

For those already registered to vote, the primary election will take place Aug. 4. Absentee ballots must be postmarked before Aug. 3. Those wishing to vote absentee at the courthouse can do so in the circuit clerk’s office. The last day to absentee vote in person will be Aug. 1 from 8 a.m. to noon.

Primary voters must ask for either a democratic ballot or a republican ballot.

The Circuit Clerk’s office will verify the voter’s precinct if they are voting absentee to make sure they receive the correct ballot. The Circuit Clerk’s office also has a list of the candidates and their parties on their door for absentee voters.

“If you’re just looking for a candidate and not exactly sure if they’re a Democrat or Republican, we do have a list so that will clear some of that confusion up and hopefully it will be a very easy process,” Daigre said.