Summer programs begin to wind down as preparations gear up for upcoming school year

Published 10:50 am Monday, July 11, 2016

By Dixon Stone

The Vicksburg Post


As the summer winds down with last minute vacations and trips to the pool, parents, teachers, and students alike must begin preparation for the upcoming school year. And longtime educator and parent Lucy DeRossette explains that, with a little planning and time management, the transition from summer to school can go by without a hitch.

“You know year after year you always see students whose parents don’t push them to do anything when it comes to preparing for that first day, and I think they definitely suffer,” DeRossette said. “I think it’s important for parents to let their students enjoy their summer, but those two weeks before the school year begins are crucial to ensure most students success in those first few weeks of classes.”

DeRossette explains that the basic things—such as sleep and nutrition—are so important to have under control before classes begin.

“About a week or so before school starts, kids need to get into that earlier bedtime routine. It’s so difficult for kids to transition from a midnight to 1 a.m. sleep schedule the night before school starts,” DeRossette said. “Parents also need to have their children set aside some of that summer junk food, and replace it with something that’s nutritious and fulfilling.”

DeRossette also recommends that students try to keep up with their reading and refresh themselves with math rules and problems before that first day.

“I think it’s so important that students are not completely occupied with video games and their cell phones throughout the summer. They need to keep their minds stimulated with some reading– hopefully something they enjoy,” DeRossette said. “Teachers spend the first month of school refreshing their students on the previous year’s material, so just going over those math rules and working on some problems can really help to ensure student’s success in that first month.”

DeRossette adds that there are several great tools online that are available for free to students looking for practice.

“Students are so lucky today that they have so much information, videos, and tools available to them through the Internet,” DeRossette said. “Online tutoring services, such as Khan Academy, have so many videos available that range over so many different subject areas. This is great for students who need a refresher or who are anxious about an upcoming class.”

But students are not the only ones who have work to do before the school year starts. Parents and teachers play a major role in laying the foundation for student success, DeRossette explains.

“Communication is so vital between teachers and parents, especially at a larger school,” DeRossette said, “It’s important for parents to establish that connection with their student’s teachers, and vice-versa. I always tell parents, even when their children are in high school, to always attend the back to school night. When the student, parents, and teachers are all on the same page, the odds of a successful school year go up exponentially.”