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Community comes through with abundance of donations for Humane Society garage sale

Pet supplies, home decor and even a swing set are but a few of the items available during the Vicksburg-Warren Humane Society’s garage sale being held this weekend.

The sale started Friday and will run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Humane Society on U.S. 61 South.

“I have a surplus of so many dog crates and items that we can’t use that take up so much storage and we have very little storage,” said Georgia Lynn, Humane Society director. “When I asked people if they wanted to donate to it, I had no idea so many people would bring all this stuff. Truckloads were coming. I had no idea people were going to donate so many things to help us.”

About 30 people had come through the sale with a few hours left Friday and Lynn said don’t worry about them running out of items.

The shed was still full wall to wall despite a myriad of goods being laid out for sale.

“We’ve gotten everything from home decor, outdoor furniture, brand new stuff that’s never been opened. Everything imaginable, towels, sheets, pots and pans, pool stuff” Lynn said. “Hopefully it is going to raise a lot of money so we can buy things that are more appropriate that we need for the pets and free up space.”

Lynn said she was surprised by the amount of donations the shelter received when asking for items and that it showed the amount of support there is for what the shelter is doing.

“It was great,” Lynn said. “Now I just wish some of those people would come and buy some of it.”

The plan is for even those items that don’t sell by the end of the garage sale Saturday to still be put to a good cause and help animals in need.

“I want all the money to go to benefit strictly animals — unwanted cats, dogs,” Lynn said. “Over in Jackson, the Mississippi Animal Rescue League and Mississippi Spay and Neuter, they have a thrift store together. All the stuff that is sold in thrift store goes immediately to unwanted pets. They were going to come get what is left over.”

The Humane Society is located at 6600 U.S. 61 South.