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WCHS graduates 289 students

This week’s inclement weather may have caused some difficulties in the graduation ceremonies at Warren Central and Vicksburg, with graduation being split into two ceremonies for both schools, but when the Viking seniors got to walk across the stage at the Vicksburg Convention Center to collect their diplomas on Thursday, the troubles seemed to be forgotten as they stepped off he stage and into the next part of their lives.

There were a total of 289 graduates, who were met with applause, and, of course, excited cheers from families in the audience, despite the request of the administration.

The invocation was led by senior class vice president Lakendra Hubbard and the welcome was led by class president Carley Copelin.

Next, Salutatorian Hope Lee gave her speech, cleverly tying in her senior quote, which came from the character Michael Scott from the T.V. show “The Office.”

“Sometimes, I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.”

“It is OK to not quite have it figured out yet,” Lee said, following that statement by pointing out most people don’t end up doing what they expected to do after high school graduation.

Lee also gave advice to the underclassmen, and told the fellow seniors to be ready for the unplanned change they would see, and hoped to see them all in big places in the future.

Valedictorian Mia Wamsley, who joked about the graduation having to be split up, gave a heartfelt thank you to the teachers and the administration for everything they did to make the day possible, and told her fellow graduates to remember how difficult things can be if you try to do them alone.

“This is the end of an era, but with every end, there is a new beginning,” Wamsley said. “Some will be staying here and starting new jobs, and others will be leaving home and going to college. Whether we are leaving everything we know and moving to a place with new people, or we are staying in our home community to begin the new chapter of our lives, the experience we had in high school will make that transition in our life easier.”

Principal Eric Green, along with school board and administration members, congratulated the new graduates and wished them well in their futures. The 17 students who achieved high honor graduates with distinction, which means they finished high school with a GPA of over 4.0 and above, were also recognized, along with the students who were high honor and honor graduates.

To finish up her speech, Wamsley left her fellow graduates with a quote to think about.

“So as we disperse and start living our new lives, I leave you with what the prophet Micah said: ‘Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly.’ And when you look back on high school and forward to new possibilities and opportunities, I hope you smile,” Wamsley said.