Heritage Guild questions supervisor candidates: If elected what solutions would you initiate to address the litter problem?

Published 5:54 pm Monday, August 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: The following questions were posed to 2019 Warren County Supervisor Candidates by the Heritage Guild of Vickburg Warren. The candidates were given until August 1 to respond to the questions. There was no requirement as to the length of the candidates’ answers. No responses were accepted after the August 1 deadline. Responses have not been edited.

 The Heritage Guild of Vicksburg & Warren County is a volunteer organization established in 2016. The organization is open to all and encourages those who are interested to join them in championing our community’s historical assets. For more information on the group’s activities, please view their facebook page titled “Heritage Guild Vicksburg Warren.”  As a 501c3 not for profit organization, the guild does not endorse any candidate. 


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Question 4: The increase in litter has an impact on destroying the character of our historic community, deterring tourism, economic growth and the quality of life for residents.   If elected what solutions would you initiate to address the problem?


District 1 Candidate John Arnold (Independent): We are in the process of adopting a resolution for a trash ordinance in Warren County. Our attorney has given us a rough draft of this ordinance. We will be adopting it soon.  Thank you for allowing my participation in these matters. 

District 1 Candidate Edward Herring (Republican): This is a problem that plagues the community county wide and delivers an unwelcoming sight. I do think we could address it from several fronts. Could we as the county not use the Justice Court or County Court offenders for community service much like the city does with municipal infractions. Why is Warren County the only county around that does not use trustees or inmates to assist in litter collection? (rhetorical).  Also there is opportunity for county road department engagement and better expectations for this litter problem across the county.

District 3 Candidate Charles Selmon (Democrat): The County is in the process of creating ordinance to address litter issues in Warren County. We all should that the responsibility in keeping our county clean. Litter is a major factor in the appearance of our town. I would like to use more community service workers and I would advocate for use of misdemeanor crime offenders as a solution to this issue.

District 3 Candidate David Sharp (Independent): First, I would collaborate with the Heritage Guild and other stakeholders to establish a deeper understanding of the problem. After assessing the needs thoroughly, we would begin establishing a protocol that would prevent and hinder future issues. Some potential ideas:

  1. Inquire information for remote surveillance. a.    The idea would be to help deter people from trashing areas of historical significance.
  2. Ensure that fines are being collected from people who are committing the acts of wrongdoings. a.    The fines can be used to help clean areas and any leftover funds can be added to the preservation funds (if allowed).
  3. Purchase permanent trach and recycle receptacle bins. a.   This would potentially help with maintaining the grounds and keep the areas safe for children and all visitors.
  4. Find ways to keep properties manicured consistently. a. If the properties are maintained regularly, mischievous behaviors may be deterred. (Fines collected from above may be used to keep the properties well-groomed). If elected, I wish to work with all stakeholders of the community to help see us grow towards a better future and preserve where we have been for our posterity.

District 4 Candidate John Carlisle (Republican): Warren County has two crews who pick up litter. This is never ending in the county as well as in the city limits. We have litter laws and these laws need to be enforced.

District 4 Candidate Jeffery P. Holland (Independent): I could not agree more with the growing concerns regarding litter in our community.  I drive home daily along Dana Rd, an area that is routinely littered to the hilt with all forms of refuse.  I have noted in recent days that signs posted in the area discouraging littering appear to have helped reduce said litter.  Additional awareness and public education will help in this matter to some extent. I would seek to engage the K-12 school system to highlight the need and importance of a litter-free Vicksburg will further increase adult (read parent and grandparent) activation.  I would work through the Chamber of Commerce and Vicksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau to make the matter of a “clean Vicksburg” the economic issue that it is. I would also engage law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office to understand fully what the options are for legal action (and the practical limitations thereof) to mitigate excessive littering in our community.

District 5 Candidate Kelle Banks Barfield (Republican): Littering is a grave problem in Warren County. Factors underlying the increase are greater use of fast food and quick market products for meals, increased likelihood of consuming meals in a car, and cultural acceptance of tossing the trash out of a car window. We can’t change the first two causes. Changing acceptance of the practice of littering will happen through a combination of penalties and incentives. I have begun benchmarking communities across the U.S. for innovative approaches to litter reduction that might become strategies for Warren County. Existing laws must be enforced effectively and publicly. Local citizens who have a passion for addressing the problem of litter would be called upon for grassroots actions to deal with the cultural aspects of littering. There are no quick and easy solutions, but lack of immediate and decisive initial steps to combat littering only compounds the problem.

District 5 Candidate Richard George (Independent): The county is currently in the process of crafting a litter ordinance to address our needs to curtail and control littering across the county.


Responses were not submitted or submitted past the deadline for the following candidates:

District 1 Candidate Bill Jeffers (Republican)

District 2 Candidate William Vollor Halpin (Independent)

District 2 Candidate William H. Banks Jr. (Democrat)

District 2 Candidate Stan Collins (Independent)

District 3 Candidate Shawn Jackson (Democrat) 

District 3 Candidate James E. Stirgus, Jr. (Democrat)

District 4 Candidate Marty Crevitt (Republican)

District 5 Candidate Hunter Vinzant (Independent)

District 5 Candidate Carl Campbell (Independent)