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Post launches survey to research COVID-19’s impact on our community

For nearly two months, The Vicksburg Post staff has written hundreds of articles regarding the local impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have shared stories of those who have personally dealt with the virus — whether they have fought it and won or stand on the front lines in treating those who are sick.

We have written stories about business restrictions, curfews and closures. We have written stories about the economic slowdown and mounting unemployment. And, we have written about school closures, the loss of athletic seasons and the unfortunate ending to the high school and college careers for so many seniors.

And, in the coming days and weeks, we will be talking about the slow reopening of our economy and the return to some sense of normalcy — whatever that is or will be.

But, while we have quoted government and business leaders, we have yet to hear from the public. That is what we are starting today.

The Vicksburg Post is conducting a survey of local residents and the impact the pandemic — whether it be the virus itself or the cultural and economic changes it has brought about — has had on their lives.

The survey, which can be found by clicking HERE does not require any personal information whatsoever. The data collected will be used in an upcoming article in The Vicksburg Post and online at www.vicksburgpost.com.

We appreciate the public’s support and participation and look forward to seeing the results.