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Community survey gives a glimpse of what concerns public the most about COVID-19

To say that we were overwhelmed would be an understatement. But to say that we were surprised would not be the truth.

This week The Vicksburg Post conducted a survey of the Vicksburg and Warren County community covering a number of areas involving the COVID-19 pandemic.

For what seems like years, but for only about six weeks, the community has dealt with not only the virus and the concerns it posed, but the tremendous economic punch in the gut that resulted from businesses and industries cutting their operations or shutting down altogether.

But through all of the news, announcements, press conferences and emergency declarations, the thoughts of the public at times had not be heard. And while it is impossible to ask each of the more than 40,000 people who call this county home, the survey gave us a chance to hear from quite a few.

As of Friday evening, with the survey still continuing, nearly 1,000 people had taken the 14-question survey and the results were tremendously interesting.

In the coming days and editions of The Vicksburg Post and online at www.vicksburgpost.com, we will unveil some of the survey’s findings, but one part of the survey, a part that we considered personal, gave a glimpse of what people were thinking and feeling as it related to their concerns about the pandemic.

We did not ask for any identifying information, but here are a few of the hundreds of comments we received:

Question: What is your biggest concern involving COVID-19?

Keeping my family safe.

• People demanding specific patient information.  People not being understanding of this new way of life.  I’m sick of all the negativity.

• Everything

• That other people don’t take it seriously

• My biggest concern outside of the health and safety of my friends and family, is the impact of this on our small businesses.  They are hurting. I am concerned they may not come back at all.

• When will we get back to normal.

• The willingness of our government officials to trash our constitutional rights and freedoms.

• Those that arent wearing face coverings that may be spreading the virus.

• Family members contracting the virus and having a problem getting through it, financial and/or healthwise.

• Not telling us in the first place how many people really have it and needing to know who so we can stay away from them or places they have been.

• The local, state and federal government making decisions on data that appears to not be substantiated or accurate. Not using common sense in decisions and abusing constitutional rights.

• None. The survival rate is 99.9 percent.

• We are going to shelter too long with a negative impact on jobs.

• People getting out and gathering too early. Having our medical facilities and staff overwhelmed.

• I’m a Healthcare provider my main concern is the efforts and plans to eliminate or curb the infection rate of the virus which involves each and everyone doing not only what they don’t want to do but what they need to do. Such as wearing proper PPE when at grocery stores and public areas. Washing their hands frequently and quarantine.

As we said, these are just a handful of the comments we received and we could not be more thankful for those who took the time to participate and honored they were so open, honest.

We look forward to sharing with you the results of the survey next week and, if you have not already participated, please take the time to do so by logging on to shorturl.at/fqxQ0. The survey closes Sunday at 5 p.m.