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A break in the rise in Warren County COVID-19 cases

Thursday marked the first day since April 14 that no new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in Warren County.

In their report, the Mississippi State Department of Health announced the number of cases in Warren County remained at 90. Given the guidelines used by the state to declare cases “presumed recovered,” as many as 58 cases should be considered active, with the other 32 considered recovered.

The report comes on the same day that restaurants in Vicksburg were allowed to welcome dine-in customers and outdoor recreation, such as parks and playgrounds were reopened.

Dr. Dan Edney, with Medical Associates in Vicksburg and a member of the Gov. Tate Reeves’ COVID-19 Task Force, said that while some areas of the economy are being reopened, and the size of gatherings has been expanded to now 20, large gatherings, such as churches, will come later.

“Large groups should be one of the last things to open up and should be when we clearly see declining numbers,” Edney said. “[The Mississippi State Department of Health] is estimating the prevalence of infection at about 10-to-15 percent, which is still very high. Churches and other large groups need to wait until the level of infection is falling.”

Overall, the number of confirmed cases in the state increased by 262, moving to 8,686. The state also reported 22 additional virus-related deaths, which brings the number of deaths connected to the pandemic to 396.

As of Monday, the state was reporting 4,421 cases that should now be categorized as “presumed recovered.”