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With restrictions going away, what is left is personal responsibility

When all of the excuses are removed, there’s no one left to blame but yourself.

Since restrictions, curfews and shutdowns started being ordered in mid-March in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, citizens — and rightfully so sometimes — have complained.

When freedom is not just at the foundation but is the foundation on which our country and society are built, any restriction of freedoms — whether real or perceived — is not well received.

But as the restrictions that were placed over the past two-plus months begin to be lifted, in its place is responsibility; specifically personal responsibility.

Local, state and national leaders — on the advice of health officials — put restrictions, guidelines and curfews in place with the goal of slowing the spread of the virus. It worked. But those restrictions, guidelines and curfews were only temporary.

What remains, and what will remain far longer, is the fact that the fight against this virus will only be won when each person takes the responsibility to do what is necessary, to take the steps needed to not just protect themselves, but others. It is no longer about me, but we.

Social distancing has proven to work. Masks have proven to work. And by adhering to the policies and guidelines that remain, we will continue to both flatten the curve and slow the virus in our community, our county, our state and our nation.

At this point, there is no one left to blame if these measures do not work, because these measures depend on the individual, depend on us.

While we head to the stores, movie theaters and ballparks, remember the basics. Remember social distancing is still needed, masks are encouraged and proper hygiene a given.

There will be a point and time when we look back on COVID-19. Let us not look back and have no one other than ourselves to blame.