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Warren County reports 134 active COVID-19 cases

Warren County maintained its daily COVID-19 average, with 11 new cases reported Monday by the Mississippi State Department of Health.

Warren County has averaged 11.14 new cases per day for the past week and has an estimated 134 active cases. A total of 409 cases have been reported in Warren County since the pandemic began in March.

Seventeen people have died from COVID-19 in the county, including one on Saturday. Three people have died in the past week.

Statewide in Mississippi, 675 new cases and 20 deaths were reported on Monday. Eighteen of the 20 deaths, however, were identified from death certificate reports between May 5 and June 22. Only two deaths from Sunday, one each in Tallahatchie and Winston counties, were reported.

The state’s biggest hotspot was Grenada County, which had 101 new cases reported between June 22 and 28 — a 40 percent increase from the previous week. Hinds County continues to have the most total cases since March, with 2,048 and 38 deaths. It had a 15 percent increase from the previous week.

Lauderdale (79) and Neshoba (68) counties have the highest death tolls.

A total of 513 people were hospitalized because of the virus. That is slightly below last week’s daily average, but still above the average from the first three weeks of June.

Only one day between June 8 and 22 saw more than 500 hospitalizations. Since June 23, five of the six daily totals have been above 500. The number of patients in intensive care has largely held steady between 150 and 165 throughout the month.