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When it comes to Clear Creek Golf Course, it is time to call in the experts

During the Warren County Board of Supervisors most recent work session, representatives from the Warren County Parks and Recreation Commission made a presentation that was interesting and odd all at the same time.

On one hand, it was interesting, due to the fact that any report involving the operations of Clear Creek Golf Course is sometimes problematic.

The golf course has routinely been a drain on the county’s operating budget and has failed to make the changes needed to make it more attractive to potential customers or to slow the need for taxpayers to subsidize its operations.

On the other hand, it was odd, because the presentation provided little in the way of any information. It was a presentation that a presentation of a plan would be coming at some point, maybe.

During the work session Commission President Alvin Taylor said the commission is still a month away from being in a position to present the reorganization plan. The timing of the presentation will also come as supervisors are putting together the county’s 2020-21 budget.

“This is a plan of action so they would know how to fund us,” Taylor said following the meeting. “In the past, the other (commissions) didn’t have a plan. They just met and were gone. Everything’s got to be redone out there. This is a plan of action. This is a proposal of what we would like to see done at the golf course, so they can tell us what they can fund and what they can’t fund.”

Golf courses run by government bodies are not unusual or rare, but what is rare are those operations run by municipalities that are successful — and Clear Creek Golf Course is not among those success stories.

It is refreshing Taylor and others feel that “everything’s got to be redone out there,” but just how dedicated are commission members, and more important supervisors, for doing — or funding — what is necessary?

In the past, The Post has called on the county to consider turning over operation of Clear Creek to companies who specialize in running golf courses. It does so again today.

Clear Creek Golf Course is an amenity that deserves the attention and expertise of those who have successful track records. It deserves the maintenance, upgrades and investments that successful golf course companies provide.

In recent months, supervisors have made decisions with the county’s finances in mind, particularly upcoming massive road repair costs. It would be a surprise if the county — and in particular the supervisors — would have the means or the want to put the amount of money that is needed into Clear Creek.

There is a certain amount of loss that cities and counties accept when providing recreational facilities and activities. It is needed for a certain quality of life that is expected by residents. But, when it comes to a golf course that needs investment, needs marketing and by all accounts, and needs improved organization, is the county in a position to do what is needed?

Clear Creek is an important part of our community and to our recreational resources, but it is in need of far more than what taxpayers can invest right now and the supervisors likely know this. It is time to call in the experts.