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Letter to the editor: Legislation is ‘how to destroy our national park’

Dear editor,

“How to destroy our national Park.” That is what House Bill HR7608, recently passed by our U.S. House of Representatives, would do.

Stuck back on page 726 of the bill are words that would require the removal of all Confederate monuments, statues, tablets, etc. in all National Military parks, including Vicksburg. That would destroy the VNMP and the history of the Civil War battle fought there. Clearly, that history must be preserved.

The VNMP is the greatest tourist attraction in Mississippi and obviously of great importance to Vicksburg and Warren County, with over 600,00 visitors annually. Think of the economic impact. Yet our Congressman Benny Thompson voted to approve the bill. He was the only Mississippi Congressman to vote for the bill; all others voted no. And the VNMP is in Congressman Thompson’s own district.

How could he shoot himself in the foot?

If you care about this issue as I do, then I encourage you to let Congressman Thompson know how you feel about his lack of support and remember that in the November 3 election.

Harry McMillin,

Colonel, USAF, Ret.