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Ritz on the River is a party we are all looking forward to

At a time when so many events that had usually filled Vicksburg’s social calendar continue to be canceled due to concerns with the COVID-19 virus, it was refreshing this week to hear organizers with Ritz on the River say the event will go on.

The annual event hosted by the Vicksburg Convention Center is sponsored by Mutual Credit Union and goes to support a local charity each year. It also, in the past, has served as a showcase to event organizers and state tourism officials what the Vicksburg Convention Center is capable of producing.

This year, though, in working under strict guidelines and social distancing measures — including an ongoing city and state-ordered mask mandate — the event will be different, but no less important. Not only will the money raised through sponsorships and ticket sales go to support this year’s charity, Good Shepherd Community Center, but it will give the community a shot in the arm, something to look forward to rather than another cancellation.

During the midst of the summer heat and still sluggish reopening, the city of Vicksburg moved ahead with plans for its annual Fourth of July fireworks show. 

The show was spectacular, as was a literal and figurative breath of fresh air everyone felt by actually attending something, getting out and gathering — carefully of course. 

As the Vicksburg Convention Center staff has said, Ritz on the River will give everyone a chance to party with “proper protocol,” but a chance nonetheless.

The annual event — which this year marks its seventh anniversary — has become one of the highlights of the year for Vicksburg, attracting hundreds and making tickets tremendously difficult to get. This year, though, the tickets will be even harder to acquire, but that’s fine.

Even if the crowd inside the building will be smaller, everyone will be celebrating an event like this was even held.